What Can I Use to Make My Beard Soft?

Rocking a beard is one of the most glorious things you can do as a man, but with growing a beard comes the occasional challenge. For some men, their beards may look great, but not feel great – if your loved ones keep complaining that your beard is too rough or coarse on their skin, I feel you. When I first started growing a beard, I wanted to know: what can I use to make my beard soft?

I asked myself this because, well, I kept getting complaints. My partner loved my beard aesthetically but hated how it felt when we were close. It tickled or felt too prickly. Lucky for you, it’s easy to keep your beard soft with just a few minor routine changes.

So, what can you use to make your beard soft?

All-Natural Beard Oil

One of the quickest fixes for making your beard soft is by using all-natural beard oil.

Beard oil is made with a few key ingredients that help you soften your beard. It also adds a nice sheen and can help you accelerate your beard growth and thicken your beard! Everybody wins.

Just find a beard oil that uses a carrier oil such as:

  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil

The carrier oils are what will help you get that soft, luxurious feeling beard.

If you opt for scented beard oil, only use ones that have essential oils for the fragrance. Essential oils are plant-derived and will not irritate your skin (unless you have specific allergies). Avoid any beard oil that uses artificial fragrances or colognes.

Common essential oils in beard oil are:

  • Cedarwood
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree
  • Clove
  • Patchouli
  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender

We love beard oils because they’re friendly for almost any beard type and versatile enough to help address almost any problems you may face while growing or maintaining your beard.

Again, stick to beard oil brands that are made with natural carrier oils and essential oils.

Beard Conditioner to Soften Beard

If you’re still wondering, “What can I use to make my beard soft,” another option at your disposal is a beard conditioner. Notice we didn’t say hair conditioner…we said beard conditioner.

Beard conditioner is formulated specifically with your beard’s delicate ecosystem in mind. It’s gentle enough that it won’t strip your beard of vital nutrients and oils, but strong enough that it will make your beard soft.

How to Make Beard Soft

Using beard conditioner is pretty simple – use it only 2-3x a week after you wash your beard with a beard-friendly wash. A lot of times beard wash and conditioner are sold in packs together.

Not only can you use beard conditioner to soften your beard, but you can also use beard oil in conjunction with it! Check out our beginner’s breakdown on beard hygiene for an easy, effective beard care routine that will help you grow a beard faster, thicker, and softer!

Beard Balm to Make the Beard Lush

Beard balm is paired with beard oil more often than not. While beard oil is used to aid in growth and moisture, beard balm is great for locking in that moisture and controlling your beard’s wiliness. 

When you use a beard balm, it starts out as a solid oil. Rub it in your palms and it will liquefy across your hands. Run your fingers up through your beard, letting your facial hair flair out (take a second to really enjoy this comedic look), then run your balmed palms over your facial hair in a downward motion, helping it lay flat.

The beard balm will keep your facial hair controlled and neat, while also ensuring your beard stays soft all day. It may feel a little waxy at first, but that will go away shortly as the balm is absorbed into your facial hair.

If you want to know what you can use to make your beard soft, use the magic combination of beard oil and beard balm – trust us.If you want to know more about the order of application and how best to apply beard oil or balm, check out our beard hygiene routine.

Stop Washing Your Beard As Much

While there are a few things you can use to make your beard soft (beard oil, beard balm, beard conditioner, and a great hygiene routine), one thing to consider is if you’re overwashing your beard.

Overwashing your beard or washing it with the wrong products can cause it to become brittle and dry. Needless to say, that’s quite the opposite of soft.

If you’re using an appropriate beard-friendly wash and still experiencing a dry beard, you may be overwashing. You don’t need to wash your beard more than 2-3 times per week; when you do wash it, make sure to accompany that wash with a beard conditioner.

Reduce how often you wash your beard to give it time to replenish its natural oils. You can still use beard oil and beard balm daily, even if you don’t use beard shampoo and conditioner daily.Learn more about beard care by following The Beard Playbook, the most thorough and well-structured beard care guide on the internet.

Enjoy Your Soft Beard!

If you are stuck wondering, “What can I use to make my beard soft?”, the answer is simple:

  • All-Natural Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard-Friendly Conditioner
  • Wash Your Beard Less

A combination of both beard oil and beard balm should suffice for most men, but if you have a particularly dry beard, you may have to withhold from washing it as frequently as you are. That will make sure your beard’s natural oils have a chance to build up and keep your beard softened.

If you’re uncertain about how to take care of your beard in a way that keeps it healthy and lush, make sure to check out The Beard Playbook. We’ve put together one of the most comprehensive beard growth resources on the internet, and continue to add to it as we learn more about how to grow incredible beards.