8 Unique Hobbies for Men at Home

a list of hobbies for men at home

Over the past few years, life has changed dramatically across the globe. With many offices and workplaces shifting to a work-from-home model, many men find themselves at home with extra time. Generally speaking, most people want to fill their time with unique and rewarding endeavors – that’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite … Read more

7 Empowering & Rewarding Hobbies for Men in their 20s

best hobbies for men in their 20s

When you’re a young adult, you’ll be met with a lot of confusion on what you want out of life. Part of this confusion is the beautiful opportunity to explore many different interests and develop new skills. The Gentleman’s Playbook has worked up a list of 7 Empowering & Rewarding Hobbies for Men in their … Read more