9 Killer Shoes for Business Casual Attire

Finding a great lineup of shoes for business casual attire can be tricky – there are lots of different styles out there to consider in. Whether it’s business casual sneakers or trying to figure out if boots are business casual friendly, there’s a lot of nuance in finding the right pair of kicks for the office.

So, whether you are starting a new job and need some new kicks or you’re looking to refresh your shoe rack for the next few years, The Gentleman’s Playbook has put together a list of 9 Killer Shoes for Business Casual Attire!

Our goal with this list was to make sure we included variety in design, material, and style. You could purchase one pair of each of the shoes for business casual attire we list here and have a fully functional work-friendly rack of shoes for any occasion, outfit, or color scheme!

Porter Derby Sneaker by Allen Edmonds

To kick this roundup off, we wanted to start with what we think is a great business casual sneaker. The Porter Derby Sneaker crafted by Allen Edmonds is the embodiment of a sneaker that’s perfect for business casual.

Made entirely of leather with a durable rubber sole, you’ll enjoy a roomy and relaxed fit. This is a quality business casual shoe that will last you a long time. The footbed can be removed to make room for those of you who have wider feet. With the Porter Derby Sneaker, you get a full-grain leather on the upper body to give a polished, yet casual look.

Even better, these aren’t just fantastic shoes for business casual, they’re also great for full casual wear. The Gentleman’s Playbook loves anything that serves multiple purposes! Allen Edmonds definitely made a versatile sneaker that is a great addition to your shoe rack.

Cadet Cap Toe Boot by Thursday Boot Co.

It’s no secret that we love practically anything from Thursday Boot Company. The craftsmanship is superb, the leather quality is great for the price, and their boots just look damn good. That’s why we had to include the Cadet Cap Toe Boot by Thursday Boot Company in our roundup of Killer Shoes for Business Casual Attire!

The Cadet Cap Toe boot (and all Thursday boots) are made with longevity in mind. This is a boot that you can care for the leather on because it’s made of real leather.

With this boot, you’ll get a few color options (Walnut, Black, Mocha, and Tobacco), as well as a boot that’s so versatile it’s not just great to wear for business casual, but is also applicable to casual wear and formal wear! Three uses, one pair of boots. We think that’s the definition of great value.

If we could pick three words to describe the Cadet Cap Toe Boot from Thursday, they’d be: Practical, Attractive, and Sturdy.

Sperry Gold Striper Plushwave CVO Sneakers

Sperry shoes aren’t just made for wearing on your frat leader’s dad’s boat – they also make high-quality shoes for business casual that are comfortable and luxurious.

Coming in at a great mid-market price tag, a full-grain leather upper portion of the shoe gives longevity, guaranteeing this shoe will last you a long time. Just follow best practices for leather sneaker care.

You’ll also enjoy a few different color options, so if you want to load up on a couple of pairs of these Sperry sneakers, you’ll have enough variation to have a pair that matches any business casual outfit you want to roll into the office with.

Steve Madden Troopah-c Combat Boot

We gave these incredibly aesthetic combat boots from Steve Madden some spotlight in our breakdown where we answered the question, Are Boots Business Casual?

The Gentleman’s Playbook loves these combat boots because they’re made of leather and meet all of the criteria we set forth when it comes to qualifying a boot as business casual friendly.

The upper leather body of the combat boot is pre-worn, giving the boot a worn-in and classic appearance, saving you the time of wearing the boot down to a comfortable and flexible leather.

Johnston & Murphy Leather Sneakers

When it comes to leather sneakers, you’ve got to consider the all-leather sneakers made by Johnston & Murphy. A step up in price and quality from the aforementioned Sperry leather shoes, the Johnston & Murphy leather sneakers boast a leather sole, which is a first for the sneakers that have made it on this list of shoes for business casual attire.

The outsole is synthetic, however, which helps maintain the structural integrity of the shoe and protects the leather insole. Many of the color options are two-tone, such as the White Sheepskin option, which has brown leather accenting on the backside of the shoe and on the tongue.

While White Sheepskin is our favorite color option, you’ll be able to choose from plenty of other colors, including Coral, Gray Camouflage, Gray, Gray Washed, Sage, Navy, Tan, Black, and White.

Johnston & Murphy is one of the few shoe manufacturers that makes a real leather sneaker, so we definitely recommend checking these out if you’re looking for real leather that can be cared for and that will last you several years.

Nike Airmax 270

Nike doesn’t just make shoes for the track or gym – you can find plenty of fashionable Nike shoes that are business casual appropriate. Take the Nike Airmax 270 line for example; these shoes have a sporty and angular appearance that slims the foot and aids in a sleek business casual look. They work with jeans and – believe it or not – look great with Chinos as well (especially the black and white Airmax 270s).

The Gentleman’s Playbook included this shoe in our breakdown on whether or not sneakers are business casual and we’re including them here, too! While the Airmax 270 lineup has many different color options to choose from, we recommend sticking with one of two options: Black with Anthracite-white or the Black/White option. These two choices are the ones with the most business casual appearance and the most versatility for outfit selection.

Thursday Boot Company Captain Boots

Another boot from Thursday Boot company making the list, but this time it’s the Captain boot! The Thursday Boot Co. Captain Men’s Lace-up Boot is a staple in the Thursday boot lineup. Its classic and timeless appearance lends it to be one of the best shoes for business casual you can find – it works for multiple types of scenarios, as well: street casual or casual, business casual, smart casual, and business/informal.

On top of the versatility in style application, Thursday made sure to give their signature boot plenty of different color and leather options to choose from. You can choose from the following color options for the Captain boot: Arizona Adobe, Brown, Terracotta, Black Matte, Black, Brandy, Burnt Copper, Dark Olive Suede, Burnt Ginger Suede, Mocha Matte, and Driftwood.

That’s a lot of options! Even better, the boots by Thursday are all handcrafted with real leather, so you know they’ll last you a long time. Just make sure to pick up a boot care kit to keep these guys cleaned, conditioned, and cared for.

Converse by Chuck Taylor

Since 1917, Chuck Taylor All-Stars, better known as Converse, have been a staple in the sneaker game. With such a classic and timeless appearance, these shoes have made it into the greater social psyche. You’ll find them making an appearance in so many different creative works, movies, television shows, and more. They disseminated this well into pop culture for a reason – Converse shoes are affordable and have a great aesthetic.

Whether you’re sporting jeans, chinos, shorts, or sportswear, a pair of Converse can go with just about anything. That’s why they’ve made it to our list of Killer Shoes for Business Casual Attire!

The two default styles for Converse are high top – which has the shoe come up above the ankle – and low-cut, which has the top of the shoe cut off just below the ankle bone. Either work for business casual.

Another reason Converse are so damn popular is that they come in just about any color imaginable, so they’re highly flexible in what outfits you can color coordinate them with. Available at almost any big box retailer as well as online, these are easy and affordable business casual shoes to get your hands on…or your feet in.

Dunross & Sons Low Top Leather Sneaker

Dunross & Sons makes a low-top leather sneaker that looks great with business casual wear. It strikes a resemblance to the Johnston & Murphy leather shoes we listed earlier on this page, however, these take on a more minimalist look. You’ll admire a solid-colored leather top half of the shoe without any external accent marks. The only color variation occurs in the outsole, which is a white rubber found on most of the different color options the shoe comes in. Some shoes have a black or beige rubber outsole.

Dunross & Sons brags that this shoe was created to be comfortable from the first time you wear it, so no need to “break-in” the shoe. We noticed that the interior of the shoe is quite similar to the interior you’d find in a dress shoe but much more comfortable and breathable.

Enjoy Our Favorite Shoes for Business Casual Attire!

We hope you found a pair (or multiple) of shoes for business casual attire after working through our list! We did our best to include a wide variety and style of business casual friendly shoes for you to choose from. Our goal was to provide a list that, if you were to get each shoe, would give you a wide enough range of business casual shoes that could be worn or applied to any office or professional casual scenario you may run into!

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Feel free to share this article with any friends or family who may be entering the workforce for the first time to help guide them on what shoes they should be wearing for their new job! Even if you’re deep into your career, we hope this list gave you some ideas and options to explore when it comes to shoes for business casual wear.