How Pedicures are Manly and Why You Should Get Them

Pedicures are For Women With Pretty Toes – False. 

Greetings, gentleman. We are here to have a heart to heart on the importance of pedicures, and why you should integrate them into your men’s beauty regime.

There is a horrible myth going around that pedicures are for women only, and that’s just absurd.

We have an old friend who always rejected the idea of this, and has refused to go out to get this magnificent work done on his feet. Lack of self-confidence glaring right at ya, buddy.

a man in a suit who enjoys getting pedicures
This guy probably enjoys pedicures.

Part of being a man is embracing new things and not caring what others think. You better damn well believe we stroll into the nail salon with our suits on ready to get our nails trimmed, feet paraffin dipped, and our legs massaged with hot rocks.

But why, though?

That is the question we are here to address: Why should men get pedicures?

You Want to Be Well Groomed – Everywhere

You trim your fingernails, don’t you? You wash your hands and use lotion, and make sure they’re in tip-top shape.

You go to a barber to get your hair cut and beard trimmed.

You man-scape on the regular (or you should be, if you aren’t).

Same goes to your feet, except there are a lot more factors that come into play with foot hygiene.

Your feet are a breeding grounds for gross smells, ingrown nails, and fungus. The easiest way to prevent all this is getting professional care for your feet…i.e. a pedicure.

A nail specialist will be able to rid your feet of calluses, help trim your toenails properly so as to prevent ingrown toenails, and clean your feet so well fungus almost never happens.

a man enjoying a professional pedicure as part of his lifestyle

Not only that, they also have packages where you can get your legs massaged with hot rocks and exfoliated, getting rid of gross and dead skin cells, and relaxing the tensions you may have in your legs.

More Men are Getting Pedicures than You Think

How many men actually get pedicures?

One in a thousand?

One in a hundred?

Nope. A whopping 25% of men are getting pedicures, and that number is growing. 

Spas see almost 40% of their clients being those of the male persuasion, receiving a combination of facials, massages, pedicures, and manicures.

Don’t worry about being the odd one out – men who are confident and live a luxurious lifestyle are the ones getting the pedicures.

Even some of the coolest guys in TV get pedicures – Saul from Breaking Bad and Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother for example – and why is that? Because they have confidence and are strong in their character!

Be a man, get a damned pedicure.

Women Will Dig It

Whether you are single or committed, women will always dig men who are confident enough to get a pedicure.

Why is this? Women like men who are confident enough to do something different. Also, most times your woman wants that surprise mani-pedi, but she will enjoy it a million times more if you get it with her!

a couple drinking wine while receiving a professional pedicure
Who wouldn’t enjoy this kind of quality time together?

I’ve dated a lot of women, and am soon getting married, and trust me – every woman I’ve dated, had a fling with, or committed to have always loved that I get pedicures with them.

It’s a fact of life.

Also, women will appreciate and be attracted to the self-awareness you have of your own hygiene and beauty care. Who wants nasty feet touching them in the middle of the night while sleeping?

You’re right – nobody.

Man to man, I’m telling you to get over that fear of being judged and get those feet pampered, dammit!

Health Benefits of Pedicures for Men

I’ll be brief, as we have discussed the benefits previously.

You’ll have less smelly feet – awesome, right?

Calluses be gone.

Helps prevent in-grown toenails and the likes. I’ve had tons of these, trust me they aren’t great.

Stress relief – yes, pedicures are known to relieve stress and induce happy feelings. Plus, most of them have massage chairs you sit in while you get your pedicure.

Why Pedicures Make You Look Like a Badass

For us here at The Gentleman’s Playbook, we think that pedicures are amazing for a few reasons:

  1. Nothing is more luxurious than spending money to have someone massage and pamper your feet.
  2. That is manly.
  3. The health benefits.
  4. They can get you laid.
  5. They can aid in rekindling that romance your significant other may have felt was lost.
  6. It is common for men to get them, you wouldn’t be an odd one out.

Also, what’s even better is that pedicures are actually fairly cheap! You can get a baseline pedicure for around 30-35 bucks depending on the spa you go to.

How Often Should You Get a Pedicure?

We highly recommend that you gents out there get a pedicure once a month.

They aren’t that expensive, so it won’t kill your budget usually, especially if you’re following our budget guide.

By going monthly, you ensure that you’re providing the proper care for your feet to prevent all those bad things like calluses, fungus, and ingrown nails.

The formula is quite simple – go in, pick your package, and get your feet taken care of. Leave a changed man.

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