Top 5 Minimalist Watch Brands of 2021

Before we begin, we wanted to let you know that our look at the best minimalist watches for men are based on the opinion of several men who have personally experienced and used the watches we’ve listed. Based on our team efforts, we’ve concluded which can truly be classified as the best minimalist watches this year.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men

Our absolute all time favorite in the minimal watch category, Skagen has been crafting watches since 1989, and they have absolutely nailed the minimal watch market.

To start, they are reliable watches. I’ve never had a Skagen slow down or tell time too fast or too slowly (unless the battery is dying).

You are also able to freely customize the watch bands you use, which range from classic leather all the way to mesh metal ones, allowing for any look for any occasion.

Skagen has even gone as far as to create discreet smart watches using their iconic designs! By utilizing Bluetooth technology, you can get silent chimes when you have incoming messages or calls, all while keeping that slick and sophisticated analog watch aesthetic.

With reasonable price ranges, most of Skagen’s watches are fairly affordable. Some may be on the higher end such as their newest smartwatch line, but all in all this brand is our favorite we feel they bring us the best minimalist watches for men.

This is a great price for the man looking to get into watch fashion without much risk.

After seeing a good friend of mine sporting one of these newer, budget friendly watches, I had to have one.

MVMT has done a fantastic job in their brand outreach, nailing their target audience right on the head.

Who is that target audience you ask?

The sophisticated man who wants a great minimalist watch at a great price – so, in other words – you.

Their lowest priced men’s watch is under the $100 mark, spiriting a black face and black leather band. There are other combinations at this price range as well – black watch face with tan leather, white watch face on a black band, and more.

On the flip side, their most expensive one is their Modern Sport line, coming in at over $100 with varying band and watch face combinations.

The watches span from 40-45mm in diameter, a great size for every man.

To top that, the watch itself is only 7mm thick, a great size for a minimal watch brand.

They are slick, they can have leather bands, metal link bands, and metal mesh bands, meeting any watch need a well-dressed man could dream of.

With hardened mineral crystal glass, these watches are durable, and longlasting.

Part of the the Fitbit line, the Fitbit Ionic is a sleek and modern smartwatch designed with your health in mind.

By pairing up the complimentary Fitbit app, you can track your steps, calories, diet, water intake, and even your sleep quality.

In addition, the Fitbit Ionic can track your heart rate with their PurePulse Heart Rate technology, allowing for accurate health readings and calculations.

It is water proof, despite it being a smart watch, and resistant up to 50M, allowing you to track your swimming exercises as well.

We find this to be a great solution for those who want a smart watch, but don’t have an iPhone that can host the complimentary Apple Watch.

The watch face has a sleek digital interface showing the time, and three meters including a meter for your steps (we recommend you do at least 10,000 steps a day), your heart rate, and your burned calories.

To keep up with your daily fitness and health while maintaining that minimalist watch swag, we think this is the way to go.

One of the longstanding minimal watch brands to be in the market, Daniel Wellington offers the luxury feel for a great price tag.

We find that most luxury watches are bulky, and ultimately, unattractive. The bulk can be an eyesore.

However, Daniel Wellington knows their game.

We see these watches as the step up from MVMT and Skagen. Their design is more refined, and they are a great option for those who are wanting to spend that extra wad of cash on a quality watch.

With a variety of options to choose from, Daniel Wellington’s watches range from the high $100s to the mid $200s. For around $230, you can get a high quality, well designed watch.

The Apple Watch shattered the market in 2015 with its feasible and well-purposed design and functionality as a smartwatch, as well as it’s minimalist watch design.

Only 9 days ago, the third generation of the Apple Watch hit the market, holding a dual-core Apple S3 processor.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is now out and pictured above!

The new Apple Watch can track flights of stairs climbed, has expanded RAM capacity, and can also be used as a cellular device, meaning you can leave your phone behind and still text or call as long as you have the watch on you.

With great functionality for health options, business purposes, and general aesthetic, we love the Apple Watch when it comes to our staff who use iPhones.

However, if you don’t have an iPhone than a great alternative to the Apple Watch is the Fitbit Ionic we listed earlier in the article.

Why Are the Best Minimalist Watches for Men Important?

Gentlemen, the watch is an iconic accessory. It exudes credibility, dependability, and responsibility. However, not any watch will do.

The minimalist watch isn’t just a great idea because it has a fancy term slapped onto it. The reason we are putting such an emphasis on minimalist watch brands at The Gentleman’s Playbook is because it provides a slick and modern look that bulky watches just don’t.

When it comes the top minimal watch brands of 2021, we just wanted to stress that you should never get a digital watch as a man – unless it serves a functional purchase such as health purposes like the FitBit.

The ONLY exception in which a digital watch face is acceptable is when it is a health focused watch, or a smart watch.

If it doesn’t, the thing better be analog, otherwise you just look juvenile, and all the work you’ve done to become a sophisticated man goes right out the door.

Our goal is to get you feeling good, looking good, and being a slick looking modern man. Adding a watch to your attire is a great compliment to the dapperness of your manscaping routine, and the clean and modern beard.

We took a look at watches from all over the market, from classic analog-style watches to more modern smart watches and health based watches.

This brings a conclusion to our round up for the Top 5 Minimalist Watches of 2021. We want you to go into this year feeling like a sleek, sophisticated, well-rounded, and sexy man, with outstanding confidence and dapperness.

Minimalist watches are a great way to bring a centerpiece to your masculine aesthetic, exemplifying responsibility and credibility in a world where people tend to reach for their phone to tell the time.


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