The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Beard Care – How to Grow a Beard

The beard is in. And we are proud to be rockin’ it.

Because the beard has skyrocketed again in popularity from its origins of husky and manly mountain men, we figured it was time to provide our fellow men with a guide on how to grow a beard.

This guide will introduce you to all of the most important concepts and aspects of beard care. If you have questions, don’t worry – there will be more articles and guides on everything mentioned here. We will make it easy and even have direct links to them for your reading and beard growing pleasure.

Why Grow a Beard?

Simple. The beard is awesome.

The beard radiates masculinity, comfort, and women generally are digging the trend. However, it is up to us men to make sure this isn’t just a trend. The beard is a way of life.

an example of proper beard care for men

Just like the clothes you wear, the way you present your face and the hair on it tell the world who you are. It is ridiculous to think people won’t make judgments based on your initial appearance.

Our goal today is to get your sexy chin-toboggan up to date and allow you to present your best self. Let those judgments others make be accurate!

Having a beard is an iconic look that is quite timeless. Like we said, you want it to be great if you’re going to rock it. Without further ado, here’s our ultimate guide on men’s beard care, where you will learn how to grow a beard, how to maintain a beard, and how to manifest a great sense of manliness and swagger from doing so.

How to Grow a Beard – Everything You Need to Know

Our goal here is to make this article an easy go-to for your beard care needs. We won’t fool around like your ex after a terrible break up.

This beard growth guide is broken down into several different sections that you can come back to when the time is applicable – if you haven’t already, I recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • How to Start Growing a Beard
  • Beard Growth Supplements
  • How to Grow a Beard Thicker
  • How to Wash and Condition Your Beard
  • How to Maintain Your Beard
  • Beard Grooming

How to Start Growing a Beard

First, we know there is ton of research out there that shows that what I’m about to say doesn’t actually help beard growth at all, but hear me out.

Our first tip to kick-start your beard growth is to shave it all off.

a man shaving to begin a proper foundation for beard care and growth

Now, this isn’t going to follow under the old adage “the more you shave, the thicker it grows.”

The point of shaving your beard (or trimming it if you already have a lengthy shrub on your face) is to start the process over.

Just like hair, your beard can get split ends, dry out, and break. By shaving or dramatically trimming what is already there, you can get a fresh start to growing your beard.

Beard Growth Supplements

Now that your face is fresh and ready for some healthy growth, it is time to start taking appropriate supplementation for healthy, thick facial hair. There are several different supplement possibilities out there.

Finding a properly curated supplement is what we feel the best way to healthily supplement your beard.

Here are some of our favorite brands that you can enjoy:

Beard Grow XL

beard grow xl is a supplement meant to enhance beard growth

Jam-packed with great vitamins and 667% of your daily biotin requirement, this beard growth vitamin is one of the best on the market, and results speak for themselves.

With over 2 thousand Amazon reviews, and a 4 and a half star rating, this is one of the top beard growth supplements on the market. Each bottle has a 30-day supply, so you can consistently repurchase them without any problems.

Beard Grow XL is meant to help provide a fuller and thicker beard, and also has been known to be a great beard conditioner as well. This supplement combined with our other beard growth and maintenance hacks is sure to give you a luxurious beard.

Viriltas Beard & Hair Growth Vitamin

viriltas is a supplement intended to enhance beard growth for men

For the more frugal and budget friendly man, Viriltas is also a great beard supplement.

Designed specifically with men in mind, this supplement has even more biotin than Beard Grow XL, coming in at over 1600% of your daily recommended value.

Combined with many other fantastic vitamins, this is a safe bet for any man wanting to get into the beard supplementation world. They promise to bring you a fuller, thicker, longer, and healthier beard.

This one is like the underdog of beard supplements, bringing in a handful of Amazon reviews and a 4-star rating. However, for the price this is a beard supplement well worth.

How to Wash Your Beard

Having a beard is fantastic, and growing one is great fun. However, as men we must maintain a thorough sense of hygiene.

It is easy to forget to wash your beard, as when you shower it so easily gets drenched as it is. This is not good enough however.

We also do not want to wash our beards too frequently – this could cause your beard to dry out, become abrasive, and far less luscious.

We recommend only washing your beard twice a week at most with a mild soap. Anything other than mild soap will be very harsh on the beard.

a man washing his beard for proper beard care

When it comes to picking a beard soap, I always recommend going with a natural, oil-based soap that uses essential oils for fragrance. Certain essential oils are actually known to have benefits for your beard.

Here are some essential oils and their benefits:

  • Rosemary – helps cleanse, fragrance, and promote beard growth. Rosemary also is known to help prevent graying and to help fight against dandruff and dry scalp (imagine these benefits on your beard)
  • Cedarwood – known to help with beard growth, and used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent for preventing in grown hairs and fighting against beard acne.
  • Lemon and Lime – cleansing, prevents bacteria, and leaves your beard feeling fresh and sexy.

Here are some great beard soaps we have tried out and love:

Rinse Beard Bar Soap

a bar soap by rinse designed for beards with essential oils

A long time ago, I worked at a company that carried this exact beard soap, and I definitely took advantage of my employee discount that came along with my employee perks.

This soap has both Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils, helping to cleanse your beard safely while stimulating growth as well.

It leaves your beard feeling silky soft, hydrated, and you get that peppermint tingle from the peppermint oil.

The soap is all-natural and oil based, so it meets our criteria for a great beard soap!

These guys also have a full beard care kit,which we will talk about later.

One DTQ Energy Blend Beard Wash

a liquid soap for men's beard care in order to wash the beard

This one is not a bar soap, but a liquid pump style soap. Using mostly organic carrier oils, as well as both peppermint and grapefruit essential oils, this is a great beard soap for the man who doesn’t like bar soap.

It lathers great, and the grapefruit essential oil dissolves dead skin cells that lie under your beard, helping improve the foundational health of your beard growth.

Just like Rinse’s beard bar soap, this guy has peppermint oil leaving your face feeling fresh and tingly!

If you’d like to get some for yourself, we found a great deal on them through Amazon.

How to Maintain Your Beard

You’ve been growing your beard out.

You’re feeling manly as hell.

Now you have to make sure you give that bad boy the proper care it deserves!

Maintaining your beard is fairly simple, and involves only a couple more steps than what we’ve previously discussed.

First, make sure you’re taking your daily beard growth supplement and that you’re washing your beard only two times a week, tops.

Once you’ve got this down and you’re seeing some formidable growth, it is time to find yourself a beard oil and beard balm.

These guys are literal life savers. Nothing will jack your beard up on steroids like a nice beard oil or beard balm.

a man that uses beard oil and beard balm for his daily beard care routine

These are oil based products that frequently also have essential oils in them to help aid in growth, conditioning, and taming of your beard. They are essential for the daily man’s beard care.

If you want to save some money, and make your own DIY Beard Oil, we suggest you check out our article: The Ultimate DIY Beard Oil Guide for Men.

Beard oil gives your beard a nice shine to it, making it soft and desirable to the ladies. As soon as you apply a beard oil, you will notice the difference and you will probably keep touching your beard in wonder for the rest of your day shift.

Beard balm is denser, and still oil based, designed to give your beard shape and control. This will maintain any stray hairs and make it look like you have your life together.

Luckily, we have some beard oil and beard balm recommendations you’ll want to hear.

Rinse Beard Care Kit

a beard care kit made by rinse including beard oil, beard balm, and beard soap

The same company that makes that fantastic beard soap bar also makes a beard care kit! We have personally used this kit, and within 30 days we saw a difference, even with our men who have huge beards.

The kit includes the beard soap sporting peppermint and rosemary essential oil, a beard oil that has rosemary, cedarwood, lemon and lime essential oils (smells absolutely amazing and manly), and a beard balm that is unscented, so as to not clash with the oil.

Nothing has ever beat the quality of this kit for us besides our own DIY projects, which both save money and tend to work better.

The Viking by Badass Beard Care

a beard oil called the viking made by badass beard care

A beard oil loaded with White fir, orange, and clove essential oils, this is one to leave you smelling manly, and your beard growing strong.

This company uses only 100% organic ingredients, and hand crafts all of their products.

Badass Beard Care has been popping up left and right in the beard world, and there’s no questions as to why.

If you’re looking for a great beard oil, then this is the way to go.

Honest Amish Beard Balm

an organic and unscented beard balm made by the honest amish

We haven’t used Honest Amish before, but I’m sure 5,000 Amazon ratings at 4.5 stars is enough to speak for itself.

Touting a hand-crafted product made right in the USA, with all natural and organic ingredients, this is a great beard balm, and fits our criteria for what is healthy for a beard.

With a woodsy scent, this is your best bet for conditioning and taming your beard, all while exuberating your inherent manliness.

Beard Grooming

Once you get your beard healthily grown out, you shouldn’t just do your daily maintenance and end it there. Even men with the longest and fullest of beards must take proactive steps to be presentable.

Yes, you could indiscriminately grow your beard for months or years, but not keeping it groomed will reduce your level of attractiveness and masculinity.

a man getting his beard professionally groomed in order to maintain proper beard care

A man with an unkempt beard tells a story of a man with an unkempt life – and you want your potential partners to view you as a man who has a life of stability and that you have everything together and under control – just as your beard is.

The easiest and simplest way of keeping your beard well-groomed is deciding to take the leap into paying a professional barber to take care of your beard.

We personally go to our barber once every 3-4 weeks, at the same time we set up our hair appointments.

A nice professional beard grooming is only anywhere from 10-15 dollars. They can range higher, but that’s around the median we have noticed.

Your appearance is an investment, and that extra 10-15 bucks will be worth it when you look in the mirror with an air of confidence and masculinity.


All in all, men’s beard care is super straight forward and something everybody can do for a super low price.

We all understand how we present ourselves is how others perceive us. By following this guide to beard care and learning how to grow a beard, you will be able to show your masculine side while radiating a sense of confidence and maturity.

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