Men’s Apartment Essentials Checklist

You’ve ventured into the world on your own for the first (or second or third) time and got your own apartment. You have your own place. Even if you have roommates, you now rely on yourself! Most men find themselves looking for men’s apartment essentials during a couple of milestones in their life.

These often rewarding moments occur during massive life changes – your first college dorm…your first apartment with your friends…your first true bachelor pad where it’s just you in charge of the atmosphere. Maybe you got your first big job and have some money to blow to finally have an “adult,” manly apartment.

Regardless of the “why,” The Gentleman’s Playbook is here to help you understand what you need to look out for when it comes to men’s apartment essentials. We’ll go over the different areas of your apartment, their uses, and what the essential needs in those rooms are.

What we won’t do is tell you exactly what couch or furniture pieces to get. It’s up to you to determine what kind of aesthetic you want in your bachelor pad. Not all men have the same tastes, and we want to honor that.

Understanding the Areas of Your Apartment

First off, you need to understand the general areas of your apartment that require decor, utility, and feng shui. In this men’s apartment essentials walkthrough, we will be covering the essentials for the following parts of your apartment or condo:

  • Living Room/Entertainment Area
  • Office/Workspace
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Balcony/Porch

If you don’t have some of these, that’s okay – we get what it’s like to live in a smaller apartment, studio, or townhome. If you find yourself with much more space than we covered here, then you’re in an awesome spot to knock out these essentials and then have fun with whatever space is left in your pad!

Living Room Essentials for Men

Your living room is where you’ll spend your time entertaining guests, unwinding after a hard day of work, and likely enjoying some form of media, whether it be television, video games, or jamming to your favorite tunes.

The living room of your apartment should strike a balance between comfort, utility, and above all else, be welcoming – this is the first room people are likely to see when they come over.

Some vital pieces of furniture you’ll need are:

  • Couch – three seater if possible, to accommodate more guests when needed.
  • Side Tables – side tables next to the couch provide opportunity for storage, holding lighting such as lamps, and decor.
  • Ottoman or Coffee Table – lets you kick your feet up or have a place to hold your morning coffee, reading material, and some decor.
  • TV Stand or Entertainment Center – we favor more minimalist items when it comes to furniture pieces. Take your pick when it comes to whether you want an open top TV stand or a full on entertainment center.
  • Television – If you’re gonna have a TV stand, you kind of need a TV to put on it! Make sure you pick a TV that’s the right size for the distance you’ll be sitting away from it. 
  • Lighting – warm lighting is very welcoming to most people. Make sure you have both table lamps and standing lamps; varying height in lighting fixtures creates dynamics and depth to your living room, so try to avoid having every light be at the same height.
  • Rug – if you are in an apartment with hardwood or wood veneer flooring, a nice rug is a great way to liven up the space and avoid that “naked room” feeling. Don’t cheap out here.
  • Plants – some consider plants decor, but The Gentleman’s Playbook considers indoor plants part of having a healthy, balanced home. Include some plants in your living room to help add height and depth to decor, freshen the air, and increase comfort.

Each of these men’s apartment essentials help contribute to a living room that is a place of rest, entertainment, and recharging for you. They will also help create a comfortable, welcoming environment for your house guests, whether you are inviting over some coworkers, friends, or family.

Men’s Office Essentials

Next up, we have the office. No, not the show! A home office is the place most of us will work and play. With the amount of people working from home these days, or taking on side hustles after getting home from the office, it only makes sense to have a place where you can both work hard and play hard. This consideration gives you a unique opportunity to develop an environment that is both productive and fun.

Men's Home Office Setup

Here are some of our must have men’s apartment essentials for your home office:

  • Workstation – fairly broad here, but a workstation typically consists of everything required for you to complete some good, ol’ fashioned work. Desk, home computer, monitors, writing utensils, a comfortable/ergonomic chair, and some fitting decor.
  • Bookshelf – your office is the perfect place to showcase your books, especially the ones you find to be definitive to your life development.
  • Artwork – show off your tastes in art! That could be paintings or drawings (just make sure to get an attractive frame for them), it could be a display of your favorite albums on vinyl records, it could be attractive images from your favorite vacations. Use this as an opportunity to express yourself. Just make sure it’s work appropriate if you’re going to have any of it showing in your Zoom calls!
  • Hobby Gear – what’s your current hobby? Store and display all of it’s needed material or gear in your home office! Once you clock out, it’s time to relax and explore your passions. Whether it’s an instrument, canvases and paint, workout gear, or something else, it can have a home in your home office!
  • Gaming Equipment – gaming has become a mainstream staple in many people’s lives. While we don’t do much of it, we know it’s important to many – your home office is the perfect place to house your gaming setup (sometimes it’s coupled with your workstation).
  • Plants – we’ll say this for every room in your apartment – get some damn plants.

Including all of these men’s apartment essentials in your home office will give you a space that is comfortable, productive, and uniquely your own.

Bedroom Essentials for Men

Your bedroom serves two primary functions: rest and lovemaking. You want to optimize for both by making sure you have a comfortable, relaxing space. 

To accomplish this, we suggest the following as vital men’s apartment essentials for your bedroom:

  • Bed and Bed Frame: The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom and should be comfortable and inviting. A bed frame can also add style and structure to the space.
  • Attractive and Comfortable Bedding: Comfortable bedding is essential for a good night’s sleep. However, it’s also important to choose bedding that matches your personal style and the overall aesthetic of the room.
  • Artwork: Adding artwork to the walls can add character and personality to a bedroom. Whether you prefer paintings, prints, or photographs, artwork can help tie the room together and make it feel more complete.
  • Plants: Adding a few plants to your bedroom can help purify the air, reduce stress, and add a touch of nature to the space. Just be sure to choose plants that are low-maintenance and don’t require a lot of sunlight.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is essential for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. Choose a combination of overhead lighting and table lamps to create the perfect balance of light and shadow.
  • Nightstands: Nightstands are essential for keeping essential items within easy reach, such as books, phones, or a glass of water. They can also help anchor the bed and add structure to the space.
  • Curtains or Blinds: Curtains or blinds are essential for privacy and light control. Choose a style that matches your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of the room.
  • Storage: Having a place to store clothing, shoes, and other items is essential for keeping the bedroom organized and tidy. Choose a dresser, closet, or other storage solution that fits your needs and the available space.
  • Mirror: A full-length mirror is essential for getting dressed in the morning and checking your appearance before heading out the door. Choose a style that matches your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of the room.
  • Comfortable seating: If you have the space, adding a comfortable chair or bench to your bedroom can provide a cozy spot for reading or relaxing. Choose a style that matches your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of the room.

By making sure you include all of, or most, of these bedroom elements, you’ll guarantee a comfortable, relaxing space that you and your partner can both enjoy!

Kitchen Must-Haves

One of the biggest challenges faced when living on your own revolves around the kitchen…to cook or not to cook? That is the question.

Male Kitchen Checklist

At The Gentleman’s Playbook, we say COOK! There are numerous benefits to cooking food at home from reduced costs to healthier options, tight caloric/macro control, and more. Plus, cooking is a handy skill to have when hosting guests whether they be family, coworkers, or dates. Class it up and make sure you have the following apartment essentials in your kitchen:

  • Basic cookware: Essential pots and pans for cooking and baking. A set of quality stainless steel or nonstick cookware can be a great investment that lasts for years.
  • Matching towels: Having a set of matching kitchen towels adds a touch of style to the kitchen and can be used for everything from wiping up spills to serving food.
  • Storage containers: Essential for storing leftovers and meal prep ingredients. Look for a variety of sizes and materials (such as glass or plastic) to suit your needs.
  • Cast iron skillet: A versatile and durable kitchen workhorse, a cast iron skillet can be used for everything from searing steaks to making pancakes. Plus, it adds a touch of rustic charm to any kitchen.
  • Toaster: A toaster is an essential appliance for making toast, bagels, and other breakfast items. Look for a high-quality toaster with multiple settings for perfect browning.
  • Blender: Great for making smoothies, soups, and sauces, a blender is a must-have for any kitchen. Choose a powerful blender with multiple settings and a durable, easy-to-clean container. Our favorite brands are Ninja and Vitamix.
  • Cutting board: Essential for chopping vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. Choose a cutting board made of a durable material such as wood or bamboo.
  • Chef’s knife: A high-quality chef’s knife is an essential tool for any home cook. Look for a knife with a comfortable grip and a sharp, durable blade.
  • Mixing bowls: Essential for mixing ingredients and preparing dough. Look for a set of mixing bowls in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Our suggestion is to look for a set of durable, oven-safe glass mixing bowls.
  • Measuring cups and spoons: Essential for precise measurements in baking and cooking. Look for a set of durable, easy-to-clean measuring cups and spoons. We prefer metal cups and spoons.
  • Oven mitts: Essential for protecting your hands from hot pots and pans. Look for oven mitts made of heat-resistant materials such as silicone or neoprene.
  • Spice rack: Essential for keeping spices organized and easily accessible. Look for a spice rack that matches your kitchen decor and has enough space for all your favorite spices.

Male Bathroom Essentials

Your bathroom is where magic happens. It’s where you groom yourself, prepare for the day, and end the evening before getting a night of great rest.

Make sure you have everything you need to leave your bathroom feeling, refreshed, rejuvenated, and attractive – here are our suggestions for men’s bathroom essentials:

  • Personal care/grooming products: This includes items like a razor, shaving cream, beard trimmer and beard oil, nail clippers, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Men’s grooming essentials will vary depending on personal preferences and routines, but these are the basics that should be kept in the bathroom for daily use.
  • Medicines: It’s important to keep essential medicines like pain relievers, allergy medication, and any prescription medications in the bathroom where they can be easily accessed when needed.
  • Soaps: Soap is an essential item for washing hands and body. It’s important to choose a soap that works well for your skin type and personal preferences, whether it be a bar soap or liquid soap.
  • Organization: Having a place to store and organize all your bathroom essentials is crucial. A bathroom caddy or organizer can help keep everything in its place and easily accessible when needed.
  • Cleaning goods: To keep the bathroom clean and hygienic, it’s important to have cleaning products like a toilet bowl cleaner, surface cleaner, and glass cleaner on hand.
  • Towels: It’s important to have a good supply of towels in the bathroom for drying off after a shower or washing your face. Look for towels made of a soft, absorbent material and choose a color or pattern that complements your bathroom decor.
  • Bath mat: A bath mat is essential for preventing slips and falls on wet bathroom floors. Look for a mat made of a non-slip material that is easy to clean.
  • Toilet brush and plunger: These items are essential for keeping the toilet clean and preventing clogs. It’s important to choose high-quality, durable tools that can stand up to frequent use.
  • Air freshener: An air freshener can help keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Look for a natural, non-toxic option that won’t irritate sensitive noses.
  • Moisturizer: Keeping a moisturizer in the bathroom can help hydrate and protect the skin after washing or shaving. Look for a moisturizer that works well for your skin type and personal preferences.

Having all of these items will help you stay clean, well-groomed, and ultimately help boost your confidence! It’s our belief that a man is crafted in front of the bathroom mirror.

Balcony & Porch Must-Haves for Men

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a balcony or outdoor area attached to your apartment, you’ve got a lot of incredible opportunity to create an apartment that people want to come hang out at!

Male Porch and Balcony Checklist

We’ve broken down some of the balcony and porch must-haves for your men’s apartment essentials list:

  • Plants: Plants can add life and color to a balcony or porch and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Look for plants that thrive in outdoor conditions and can handle direct sunlight or shade depending on the location.
  • Seating: Comfortable seating is essential for a relaxing balcony or porch experience. Look for chairs or benches that are durable and weather-resistant, and add cushions for extra comfort.
  • Dining accommodations: If you plan to host company on your balcony or porch, having dining accommodations is essential. Look for a sturdy table and chairs that can handle outdoor conditions and accommodate the number of guests you plan to host.
  • Reading comforts: If you enjoy reading or spending time on your balcony or porch, having reading comforts like a side table, lamp, and comfortable seating can help create a relaxing reading nook.
  • Grill: If you enjoy outdoor cooking, having a grill on your balcony or porch can be a great addition. Look for a compact, easy-to-clean option that fits your cooking needs and the available space.
  • Outdoor lighting: Adding outdoor lighting to your balcony or porch can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Look for lighting options like string lights, lanterns, or sconces that fit your personal style and provide enough light for the space.
  • Outdoor rug: An outdoor rug can add warmth and comfort to your balcony or porch, while also protecting the floor from wear and tear. Look for a rug made of weather-resistant materials and in a pattern or color that complements your outdoor decor.
  • Decorative accents: Adding decorative accents like throw pillows, wall art, or sculptures can help personalize your balcony or porch and make it feel like an extension of your indoor living space. Choose accents that reflect your personal style and complement the overall design of the space.

Combining all of this helps you create an outdoor space ripe for recreation, relaxation, and fun! Nothing beats having a get together with the people you love and accommodating their comfort while you catch up.


There’s a lot in this list! However, everything above is a vital part of your men’s apartment essentials list.

Our goal is to make sure you consider the most popular/common rooms in your apartment and equip them with everything needed to hit some important living needs:

  1. Function
  2. Comfort
  3. Personality

Feel free to print this list out when you’re moving into your first apartment and let us know if there’s anything we missed!

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