Why All Men Need a Personal Tailor

Getting a personal tailor…is it worth it?

It’s easy to think that brands like H&M are high class. I mean, it’s definitely better than shopping at a place like Walmart, but let’s be honest…

Retail outlets suck for clothing.

Yes, you can find great deals, and we definitely encourage that! Always be frugal.

However, if you think that going to these outlets is all you need to do to really step up your clothing game, you are very wrong.

Every man needs a personal tailor.

Now, if you can’t afford a personal tailor, don’t fret. Get your money in the right place, first of all. Worry about the tailor later.

For those of you who are comfortable financially, and have the money to spend on luxury and class, you should definitely stick getting a personal tailor at the top of it.

Why is that, thought?

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Your Clothes Will Fit – Perfectly

When you go to a personal tailor, they measure everything, and size your shirts, pants, suits, you name it – into the perfect fit for you.

Whether you are big, small, or awkwardly in between like me, if you use a tailor, your clothes will fit.

And I don’t mean they will just fit.

They will fit perfectly.

Of course, there is a downside.

If you’re on a weightloss journey, or working on bulking up some muscle, then you may not want to hop on over to the tailor until you hit your body goals.

But, if you’re like me, and comfortable with your body and where you are at, get the tailor, please.

man having his suit tailored

I’m never, ever satisfied once I get home with some seemingly awesome clothes from a big retailer.

They look good in the store, I get home, and then wear them out to work or on the town for a night of casual drinking, and BOOM – all of a sudden my button down doesn’t tuck well, or comes up whenever I lean forward. My shoulders stretch and tear the threads in the shirt, or the shirt just swallows me.

With pants, I always find that they end up squeezing my junk, leaving me all uncomfortable. This causes the not-so-discreet ball adjustment in public. Just, no.

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A Personal Tailor May Save You Money

No doubt, having a personal tailor costs the extra money.

The thing is, spending that money may go further per dollar than if you were to go get a bunch of discount bin items from a retail store and spend the equivalent money.

A well-tailored piece of clothing should last, and should always fit. Unless you have some extreme changes in your body, you’ll be wearing the same shirt, suit, or pants for years to come.

Also, it elevates you above other men.

When you’re the gentleman with the perfectly fitting clothing, that shows off your body’s highlights, you are bound to turn some heads.

The appearance of a man with a tailored outfit can distinguish him from all the other schmucks out there who just buy the cheapest thing, and wear it for a few months, only to go running back for more ill-fitting retail clothing.

That being said, I think you get why it is so important to have a tailor.

How To Find a Personal Tailor

Finding a personal tailor is so easy, it’s stupid.

Let us give you a full guide as to how you can find the perfect personal tailor

  1. Google

Yep. That’s right. Google will give you search results from your area if you search “personal tailor.”

Weed out the bad ones by going through the reviews, and take into consideration the following factors:

  1. Number of reviews – are they popular?
  2. Average rating – are they liked or despised?
  3. Positive reviews – what do people say good about this tailor?
  4. Bad reviews – what do people say are negative aspects of this tailor?

And that’s it! Getting a personal tailor is a great way to set yourself above the status quo, elevate your fashion, and bring out the best of your body’s assets.

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