Lyft & Uber Tip Calculator

How Do I Use this Lyft/Uber Tip Calculator?

How to Use this Lyft & Uber Tip Calculator

Using this calculator is meant to be quick and easy! You have one option to select from: Ride Quality. The calculator bases the total tip suggestion based on the percentage The Gentleman’s Playbook assigned to Ride Quality when multiplied against the Total Fare input from the user. Each option has a predetermined percentage amount based off of our article, Do You Tip Lyft Drivers? which goes in-depth on when you should tip Uber or Lyft drivers, how much they should be tipped based on various factors, and whether you should tip cash or in-app.

What do I Pick for Ride Quality?

We have rated Ride Quality with the following criteria:

  • Phenomenal Ride – your driver was exceptionally accommodating. You wouldn’t change anything about the ride. They talked to you the right amount, engaged appropriately, helped you load your belongings into the car, provided comforts such as snacks and drinks, etc.
  • Great Ride – your driver did a great job at communication, put your comfort as a rider first, followed laws of the road to a T, and was all in all perfect. The difference between “Phenomenal” and “Great” comes down to Phenomenal Rides providing the extra accommodations and comfort.
  • Average Ride – your driver did an okay job. They weren’t particularly socially in-tune, maybe, but the ride was safe, effective, and got you from point A to point B without any frills. You wouldn’t mind riding with them again.
  • Poor Ride – your driver was late, communicated poorly, or caused you to feel unwelcome. Rider could have discussed uncomfortable topics such as politics or religion. Was not helpful if needed.
  • Unacceptable Ride – your driver failed to follow laws of the road, was disrespectful/rude, unaccommodating, showed road rage, reckless driving. You felt unsafe.

Uber/Lyft Tip Calculator Version Log

Version log for this calculator:

  • v1.0 – Lyft Tip Calculator allows you to input your Ride Quality. Tip is calculated based off Ride Quality Tip % * Total Fare Input.
  • v1.1 – Users can now hit “Enter” key or click the button manually to return Tip Total. v1.0 would not accept Enter key to execute calculation.

We plan to continuously improve this calculator so that you have an easy to get to Rideshare or Uber Tip Calculator that takes into consideration your unique ride and what an appropriate tip would be. While the Uber and Lyft apps have default features in them, we believe it’s best to take a fully custom approach to tipping, as each ride is unique.