Men’s Apartment Essentials Checklist

Men's Apartment Essentials - Men's Apartment Checklist

You’ve ventured into the world on your own for the first (or second or third) time and got your own apartment. You have your own place. Even if you have roommates, you now rely on yourself! Most men find themselves looking for men’s apartment essentials during a couple of milestones in their life. These often … Read more

Do You Tip Lyft Drivers or Other Rideshare Services?

Do you tip Lyft drivers and Uber Drivers?

Ridesharing has become a huge service, making taxi-like transportation available with ease and speed. All you have to do is pull up an app on your phone, request a pickup, and a few minutes later you’re on the way to your destination. While this service is convenient, it’s often pricey. Check out our Lyft Tip … Read more

8 Unique Hobbies for Men at Home

a list of hobbies for men at home

Over the past few years, life has changed dramatically across the globe. With many offices and workplaces shifting to a work-from-home model, many men find themselves at home with extra time. Generally speaking, most people want to fill their time with unique and rewarding endeavors – that’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite … Read more

7 Best Journals for Men that are Classy & Sophisticated

Daily journaling is a great habit to develop – we’ve covered it extensively on The Gentleman’s Playbook. You’ve probably decided it’s time to start working on this habit and want to know what some of the best journals for men are. We’ve decided to compile a list of what we find to be the best … Read more

7 Empowering & Rewarding Hobbies for Men in their 20s

When you’re a young adult, you’ll be met with a lot of confusion on what you want out of life. Part of this confusion is the beautiful opportunity to explore many different interests and develop new skills. The Gentleman’s Playbook has worked up a list of 7 Empowering & Rewarding Hobbies for Men in their … Read more

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

This one is a bit of a personal post for me that I believe many people could benefit from. Over the years, I’ve consistently found myself running into a wall because I find myself having too many ideas, too little time. We will be covering this topic more in-depth in our upcoming Podcast! Click here … Read more

Define Your Own Success: How to Become a Successful Man

Being a successful man doesn’t mean you have to follow someone else’s idea on how to live a successful life. There are no rules to success for men, either. At the end of the day, determining how to become a successful man lies solely in how you define success for yourself – following what will … Read more

4 Simple and Effective Daily Journaling Methods for Men

4 Daily Journaling Methods for Men

So, we’ve gone over the benefits of journaling. The ones we dove into are only a handful of the many psychological and therapeutic benefits of journaling for men. All of this great info on the benefits of journaling mean nothing if you don’t know how to properly start and maintain a journal. Luckily, we are … Read more

The Life-Altering Benefits of Daily Journaling for Men

Benefits of Daily Journaling for Men

Many of the greatest men the world has seen had something in common. Beyond their intellect, discipline, and dedication to their mission, many of these men did something quite simple. They kept a journal. Yes, a diary. The word “diary” isn’t typically considered “manly,” so let’s call it a journal from here on out. Many … Read more