8 Unique Hobbies for Men at Home

a list of hobbies for men at home

Over the past few years, life has changed dramatically across the globe. With many offices and workplaces shifting to a work-from-home model, many men find themselves at home with extra time. Generally speaking, most people want to fill their time with unique and rewarding endeavors – that’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite … Read more

When Will My Beard Stop Itching? Timeline, Causes, and Relief

when will my beard top itching? how long does beard itchiness last

If you’re growing a beard from scratch, you may notice you’re getting some general irritation or an itchy beard. The good news is, your beard should stop itching within 2 to 4 weeks of starting fresh growth. There are some ways you can help prevent beard itching while growing facial hair, so read on for … Read more

Answered: Does Beard Balm Help Your Beard Grow?

Does Beard Balm Help Your Beard Grow

When you are growing a beard, you’ll find no shortage of products promising incredible beard growth thrown in your face from all angles. Because of this, people often ask us: does beard balm help your beard grow? In short, yes beard balm can help your beard grow…under the right circumstances. From supplements to oils to … Read more

7 Best Journals for Men that are Classy & Sophisticated

best journals for men

Daily journaling is a great habit to develop – we’ve covered it extensively on The Gentleman’s Playbook. You’ve probably decided it’s time to start working on this habit and want to know what some of the best journals for men are. We’ve decided to compile a list of what we find to be the best … Read more

Mensclo Review – Is Mensclo.com a Scam? Are the Clothes Worth It?

Mensclo Review - Is Mensclo Legit or a Scam

If you found your way to this review, you probably saw one of these super cool ads from Mensclo on Instagram or another social media platform: I personally was hooked in by the kimonos that were being advertised. When I saw this ad, I had just gotten done dealing with a very hot summer. I … Read more

7 Empowering & Rewarding Hobbies for Men in their 20s

best hobbies for men in their 20s

When you’re a young adult, you’ll be met with a lot of confusion on what you want out of life. Part of this confusion is the beautiful opportunity to explore many different interests and develop new skills. The Gentleman’s Playbook has worked up a list of 7 Empowering & Rewarding Hobbies for Men in their … Read more

Beard Hair Breaking? Try These 5 Easy Fixes

Beard Hair Breaking

Whether you’re growing a beard for the first time or you’ve been totally crushing it in the beard growth game for years, there are times where you may run into having issues with beard hair breaking. If this is happening to you, stick around – we’ll be going over some of the top causes of … Read more