7 Stunning Black Metal Watches for Men

Watches are a fantastic accessory for men that helps to elevate your outfit from normal to next level.

Especially striking are watches that embody a sleek, classy look. That’s why we’ve put together a list of stunning black metal watches for men!

All of these are watches we ourselves have either owned, or would wear, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Michael Kors Men’s Slim Runway Watch

This MIchael Kors designed watch is the perfect fit for anyone looking to be fashionable, fancy, and fun.  Along with its subtle design, it carries an easy to read face, and only weighs in at 5.76 ounces.  You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.   Worried about not looking the part?  Worry no more, because this sleek and stylish watch is more than enough to impress anyone and everyone you talk to.  Boss throwing a barbecue by the pool?  Don’t think twice about bringing this watch, as it boasts an impressive water resistance of up to 50 meters. Sporting a variety of simple and stunning colors, you’ll be the talk of the town with this around your wrist.

Nixon Time Teller A045

The Nixon Time Teller A045 is a watch that is just waiting to go on adventures with you.  With a 37mm face that’s as clear as the sea, no matter if you’re climbing the mountains, or biking through the woods, you’ll never lose track of time.  Whether its play time or time to relax, the adjustable band has you covered in every situation.  Casual when you want to look cool, and tight when you’re outside cruising the day away.  With varying prices, there’s something for everyone.  If you’re ever out and see one of these, take it for a spin, and see how it feels.  You won’t be disappointed in the slightest. 

Golden Hour Fashion Watches

On a budget but looking to impress everyone?  Look no further, these watches are the ones for you.  The prices may suggest something a little shabby and hard to look at, but they couldn’t be any more wrong about that.  Coming in 11 stylish colors, and even giving you access to a calendar, there’s no end to what this watch can do.  Did I say no end?  I really meant no end, because it’s even a chronograph, meaning that it can be used as a stopwatch for all your activities.  Personally, I would be shooting for the Black Blue option, especially if you’re looking for something simple, but still looking to show off to your friends. 

Enclave Levante Minimalist Watches

Minimalist is a word that’s thrown around, and for most people, it just means boring.  But Enclave Levante is changing the minimalist game for the better.  With only 2 dials and a 40mm case, this is one of the clearest watches you will ever see.  Nothing extra to clutter it up, leaving nothing but a brilliant design.  And if you thought something so simple would be just another thing that gets stepped and broken accidentally, you’d be wrong on all fronts.  It boasts a sapphire crystal display, being much more resistant to scratching and cracking, and being water resistant for up to 50m.  For something as simple and boring as it may seem to many, in the end it is a beautiful watch that does everything just right. 

AIMANT Tokyo Chronograph Watches

AIMANT Tokyo Chronograph Watches are something that I never thought that I would need, but with so many functions it blows my mind, I can’t get enough of them.  Coming in 2 simple colors, black and gold, they’re perfect for someone who’s trying to be business, but show off a bit.  And if you’re really trying to show off, just show them the face.  Carrying  a 24 hour clock, a 60 minute and 60 second timer on your wrist is sure to impress anyone you meet.  What’s even better is that even if you manage to somehow break this stainless steel watch that has hardened mineral crystals, you have a guaranteed 2 year warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your trusty watch.  

Skagen Sundby Titanium Watch

Named after a town in beautiful Denmark, the Skagen Sundby Titanium watches are as stylish and fun as their name implies.  Rocking its 4 signature colors, this simple, yet modern, watch is proving that Denmark knows exactly what it’s doing with watches.  A three hand date display and easy to follow dial makes it so even the newest of people in the watch collecting game know this is the real thing.  And with its 37mm titanium case, you never have to think twice about someone accidentally cracking it.  All of these things together comes out to be an extraordinary imported watch, adding yet another beauty to your collection. 

Nordgreen Native Scandinavian Watches

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for casual and comfortable.  That’s exactly what Jakob Wagner had in mind when he designed this line of watches.  Coming with only 2 hands, these watches are out to prove that less is more.  You don’t need anything fancy to make you look your best, and they want to show that.  A simple watch can turn your day upside down, and with the compliments you’ll get with this watch, that’s exactly what will happen.  Even if it’s not exactly your fit, they all come with interchangeable straps, so you can change into whatever you feel like that day.  Nothing will stop you from showing the world that simple is beautiful. 

Which Black Metal Watch for Men is Your Favorite?

We hope you enjoyed our list of our favorite black metal watches for men! We would love to hear your favorites, or any additional recommendations you may have.

If you know of any other great black metal watches for men, please feel free to reach out to The Gentleman’s Playbook and we can update this article with any new info or suggestions you guys may have!

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