Best Manscaping Tools of 2021

Alright Gents, 2020 is coming to its close and it’s time to go into 2021 with the confidence of a lion and the ferocity of a bear. How do you do this? Proper manscaping. Let’s talk about the best manscaping tools we found going into the new year.

Manscaping is the most essential and basic male beauty practice out there. We all get those unattractive scruffs at the base of our neck and back, and we know the groin is an area of great forestry.

However, there is no excuse for any man to not have the proper tools for manscaping.

Alpha.m from YouTube has some great information on grooming, and why women dig it:

Here at The Gentleman’s Playbook, we feel that the fine details set an awesome thing apart from a not-so-awesome one, and men take on that same burden.

Set you – a guy who never manscapes, and just lets his neck and back hair run wild, next to the suave, well kept, and manscaped lad – who do you think will turn more eyes?

Just like how Apple constantly tries to make their product designs sleeker and sexier, you must make your body hair sleeker and sexier.

Now, we aren’t saying you have to shave yourself bald all over – a lot of women find that that can be too creepy and youthful. It is okay to keep a bit of scruff! Just make sure you keep it cleaned and trimmed and shaped.

Today isn’t about teaching you how to do that, though. That’s another article. Today is about the best manscaping tools of 2021.

The Best Manscaping Tools

If all these other ones seem like they aren’t good enough or they’re super cheap, then don’t worry.

We’ve got the Rolls Royce of trimmers. While this one isn’t necessarily for all around manscaping, it is still highly noteworthy.

Bringing in a higher price tag, the Braun Series 9 Wet & Dry Shaver has smart razor technology that changes to match your shaving preferences.

Every time you shave, it gets better…and better…and better…

Just like how those Nest thermostats start to pick up on your home air conditioning habits and start to automatically control themselves, that’s the same thing this razor does, except all over your face.

Trust me, this is a favorite amongst clean shaven men, and one of the absolute best manscaping tools on the market.

This one has a soft spot with us. This was our first body grooming tool, and it is great for the man on a budget.

While we wouldn’t recommend it for use on one’s beard, it is perfect for manscaping everything else. The trimmers are water proof, and actually designed to be cleared out of hair by using water. You can pop open the teeth on the trimmer, run it under the faucet, and keep going.

This one isn’t rechargeable, but it uses a single AA battery to power it, which lasts quite a while.

Fantastic for shaving your chest, back, and groin, this trimmer is small enough to really get into the details of manscaping.

The trimmers have an awesome built in function where you can use a removable Gillette ProGlide Razor to do another pass and get that awesome close shave. This is especially helpful if you’ve let that forest on your groin get too out of hand, and you want a clean shave to kick off the day.

Sporting three different sized combs, the waterproof trimmers, and an attachable razor head, this one is one of our favorites for first time manscapers!

The Braun BT3040 Body and Beard Shaver is the hybrid we’ve always wanted. Taking Braun’s trimmer design expertise, infused with a partnership on the blades from Gillette, we are talking manscaping gold here.

This one is capable of both wet and dry shave – though at The Gentleman’s Playbook we always recommend wet shaving, as it reduces irritation and ingrown hairs.

Designed to be perfect for all body use, specifically more touchy and sensitive areas such as the groin, the small teeth on the trimmer are able to help you safely and efficiently manscape.

Not only that, you get a variety of guard sizes to customize your body hair length to how you want.

Also, you can freely change which method you are using on the Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver – you can go from trimming to shave, helping keep what usually takes two instruments, and turning it into one instrument. Talk about efficient!

The battery life is amazing, coming in at around an hour, so you have plenty of time to really focus and shape your body hair and focus on the art of manscaping while using it, securing it’s spot in the Best Manscaping Tools of 2021.

We love the design on this one. With a unique and iconic lime green accent, and a clean black finish, the Philips Norelco OneBlade is another great intro to manscaping tool.

It’s size is perfect for the traveling man – a couple of our staff have had to travel a lot for work in the past, and really enjoyed using this trimmer as their go-to during their on-the-go lifestyle.

It has a great design that won’t cut or nick your skin, and helps prevent any irritation that can come with manscaping delicate areas.

Using three different combs of various lengths, you can customize the length of your manscaped ares with confidence.

Not everyone knows where to begin their manscaping journey.

Don’t worry, because Wahl has your back.

A classic and reliable brand, Wahl’s Lithium Ion All-In-One Grooming kit is the perfect fix-all solution for the man with a plan.

Coming with trimmers for the beard, trimmers for your delicate areas, and even a super tiny trimmer to get those stray nose hairs and help shape eyebrows, this one is perfect for the all around sophisticated manscaping experience.

Have a fluffy nose? This kit can fix that.

Have a unibrow or want to shape your eyebrows? This kit can fix that, too.

Just wanna trim your beard and your man bits and get on with the day? This kit can fix that.

A great all-in-one solution, the product does its name justice.

This body groomer is a powerhouse, and quite honestly just does everything.

Packed with a built in adjustable trimmer comb on one end, and a foil blade on the other, you can trim down, and shave smooth those trouble areas (like that bush on your lower back).

The name sells itself for us, as the Mangroomer is a premium and fantastic brand for any man around, fulfilling just about any manscaping need there is.

Use it for your beard, use it for your chest, your back, your legs, whatever it is, and you’ll leave properly scaped or baby smooth – depending on your preference.

Similar to the Mangroomer listed above, the Philip Norelco 7100 is a dual ended manscaping tool, meant to fit every need a man may have.

This one allows for comfortable trimming and manscaping of the groin area, and other sensitive zones.

The trimmer has pearl tips on it, and five comb lengths built in, ranging from 1/8 inches to ½ inches, leaving plenty of customization for your manscaping needs.

Flip it around, and you’ve got the shaving head which is a foil shaving head, that is designed to pivot and swivel with use, allowing a great shaping technique for your body hair. The foil shaving head is designed to give a close shave in one sweep.

If you need to clean this thing, just place it under a stream of water and you’re good!

This groomer is designed with the man in mind. With an attachment specifically to reach those hairy spots on your back, this one is a great all-in-one solution for getting yourself cleaned up.

Packing in 3 different lengths of trimming combs, and a shave head that fights against nicks and cuts, this one is a safe bet for any man who is on a budget, but wants that sophisticated, premium feel.

Lasting 50 minutes on one charge, you’ll have plenty of time to shave and do your manscaping routine.

It also comes with a foil shaving head, as many of these do. The foil heads last a long time, and are highly reliable.

With a sleek design, and plenty of fun gadgets, this is a great one for your basic manscaping needs.

The Remington Platinum 8 in 1 Grooming System is a great solution to men’s grooming. Making sure to cover everything necessary when it comes to the sophisticated man’s daily manscaping needs, you can find everything right here.

Boasting titanium coated blades, and trimmer heads that can be rinsed under water, this one is an amazing all-in-one, earning it’s place in our list of the best manscaping tools for this coming year.

With the ability to customize hair length, and swap out heads for your nose, groin, face, and more, you can get it all done in one session.

For the man who likes neatly trimmed eyebrows and less than fluffy noses, we highly recommend this trimmer as you go-to all around manscaping solution.


All in all, there are tons of manscaping products out there, but we took the effort to go ahead and narrow your options down to some of the best ones you can find.

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We really hope that you enjoyed looking over our thoughts and raves on the best manscaping tools of 2021, as we go into the last few months of this year.

Gents, we always want you ready for the new year coming up, and know that now is never a better time to begin your manscaping research.

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