16 Best Luxury Dress Watches for Men

Your watch is an expression of you as a man. It’s a small accessory that carries a powerful impact on your outfit. Especially if you’re an executive, lucrative salesperson, or lifestyle influencer. That’s why The Gentleman’s Playbook has put together what we believe to be the best luxury dress watches for men.

As you’ll see, these men’s luxury dress watches don’t come with a tiny price tag. Many are in the hundreds, even thousands of dollars – so if you’re on a budget, you may want to take a look at our list of top business watches for less than $150!

Before we dive into specifics, we wanted to share The Gentleman’s Playbook’s Top 3 from this article:

Now, if you still want to see the other 13 luxury dress watches for men that made the list, continue reading!

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Kicking off our list of the 19 Best Luxury Dress Watches for Men is this handsome, self-winding grey Bulova Men’s Watch. We chose this one because its grey and silver aesthetic don’t scream for attention but make for a great highlight to whatever business professional outfit you may be wearing. The company started at the hands of Joseph Bulova in 1875 and through continued innovation, this watch company has become a staple of New York City-based luxury watches. Outside of the grey Bulova watch we’ve selected, you can also choose from a navy watch face sporting a black leather strap and a white watch face with a black leather strap.

All black everything. That’s the vibe you’ll get with the Seiko SSA345J1, a gorgeous luxury dress watch for men. With its monochromatic coloring, this Seiko gives a sense of calm power, perfect for anybody who frequently meets with clients or executives. This watch is able to fit a lot into it, such as a date tracker, without appearing too crowded, maintaining that minimal aesthetic we love here at The Gentleman’s Playbook. This pairs perfectly with any black suit you may have as well as any business casual attire you decide to head out in for the day.

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Let’s pivot a little bit from our last watch – the Tissot Men’s Le Locle dress watch contrasts the previous Seiko with it’s brighter, cooler colors. With a partially and uniquely textured watch face and low-contrast Roman Numeral markers, this is a great summer watch! It throws off a simple, luxury feel brought to you by Swiss design. Tissot started making watches all the way back in 1853, continuously innovating and finding new ways to help people add a luxurious touch to their aesthetic. This watch would pair well with a grey or navy suit (just make sure your belt and shoes match the brown leather watch band)!

The Frederique Constant FC-245M5S6 is one of our favorites of the best luxury dress watches for men that made this list. This watch takes a classical approach to design but elevates it in the details. The diamond-textured dial gives a premium feel and depth to the watch. Minimalist design makes for a fantastic accessory that isn’t the center of attention. We typically shy away from watches that scream at you from your wrist. This Frederique Constant is exactly what we want when it comes to a luxury men’s dress watch.

Rado’s Classic Leather Swiss Watch is rustically classic. With a deep-toned color profile, this watch looks great with almost any outfit you may be planning to wear. Rado boasts heavily about the quality of materials they use in their watch creation – the maker uses a high-tech ceramic in their watches, making it hypoallergenic, adaptable to skin temperature, scratch resistant, and light weight. They even go on to brag that their watches last a lifetime. From the burnt gold stainless steel casing to its beige dial and brown leather band and 4-figure price tag, this watch screams cool and collected luxury.

Yet another gorgeous Rado makes our list of the best luxury dress watches for men! This one is similar in coloration to the last, with some unique design choices. The Rado Exposed Classic Watch exemplifies the expression “beauty is found on the inside.” With exposed gears on the watch face, you’ll get to see this luxury dress watch in action as it works. Again, a burnt gold casing surrounds a silver dial, held to the wrist by a sturdy brown leather watch band. This Rado would not only be great in a business professional scenario, but also business casual and casual.

We wanted to go a different direction by adding the Tag Heuer Carrera Heritage Dress Watch to this roundup. Typically, we opt to include only minimalist watches that follow that classic watch aesthetic. With the Carrera, we were really attracted to its contrast of colors – it has 6 watch hands, 3 of which are electric blue, the others being a burnt gold color. For a luxury dress watch, it has a more casual approach that we find bold and confident. Perfect for the man who wants to show off some personality on their wrist without drawing too much attention from the rest of their attire.

Rado’s Captain Cook Watch takes a different approach to the luxury watch. This one has quite a unique character, with an interesting unfinished leather grain wrist band and its deep colors and thick hour hand. Chunky tick marks display analog time on your wrist and its deep brown tones will look great when paired with a brown suit or a light-colored button-down shirt as part of business casual wear.

A standout for elegant simplicity, Rado’s Coupole Watch has a mesmerizing design.  An easy to miss (yet important) detail on this watch is the subtle waffle-pattern texture on its face, which does an excellent job of accentuating the slender silver tick marks and long, blue, leaf-blade hands. The window face of Rado’s Coupole is made with antireflective sapphire, meaning the white and silver watch face will be easy to read in any situation.  With its adjustable black strap and silver case, this minimal luxury dress watch can be worn with any color and still draw the eye.

Keeping with our fondness for minimalist designs, the striking Chemin des Tourelle Watch from Tissot will give a robust compliment to any shade of blue business attire. The high-contrast face of this dress watch uses a dark navy blue backing with silver accents for the roman numerals and tick marks, as well as the three beveled hands. The same sapphire crystal used on the face is used on the back of the watch, making the watch gears visible. With a butterfly clasp on the leather strap, this luxury dress watch is meant to be worn comfortably and confidently.

The Hamilton H39514734 is a great example of dark and timeless elegance. Everything about this luxury dress watch looks sharp, from the black radial brush finish on the face to the contrasting beveled silver dagger hands. Even the slender roman numerals fit in nicely with the encompassing design. The black leather strap is closed with a classic pin buckle and the back of the stainless steel case has the Hamilton crest engraved into it. Overall, the black and silver design of this watch begs to be worn along with a white collared shirt or a black suit.

A watch built for purpose, this Zeno Diver’s Watch maintains its luxury status. Possibly to keep their reputation for making oversized watches, the heft Zeno gave this watch absolutely makes it stand out. Built to be water resistant up to a depth of 1000 feet, the hands and hour markers are made with a white luminescent material, which makes itself useful in dark waters. For those who know how to use a tachymeter, one is included along the outer rim of this watch. While it could be argued whether this accessory should be considered a dress watch, there is no denying this Swiss made device proclaims luxury.

The Citizen Limited Edition Calibre hits hard with it’s sultry and earthy color palette. This is a great luxury chronograph watch that would breathe an air of power and professionalism into the conference room. Powered and charged by light, you never need to worry about changing the battery on this timepiece. With many different hands to boast, the Citizen Limited Edition Calibre has a power reserve indicator, chronograph, alarm, date, and of course, time. It accomplishes all of this without becoming bulky or heavy, making it perfect for someone who wants a more complex, yet still minimalist watch.

The Raymond Weil Men’s Toccata Watch is a strong contender for The Gentleman’s Playbook’s favorite luxury dress watch for men. Beautiful contrast graces this watch from dial to wrist clasp – the silver tones of the two hands and casing are a stark shift from the void black dial, giving it what we call a “Darth Vader” vibe. If Vader had a watch…it would be this one! This Raymond Weil would be perfect in almost all dress scenarios from business professional to casual t-shirt and sweats. The definition of a truly minimalist luxury dress watch.

The Frederique Constant Men’s FC-245M5S5 is the cousin of the earlier reviewed Frederique Constant luxury dress watch. While the one we looked at earlier was silver toned and cool, the FC-245M5S5 is warm and inviting, making it a great watch for the Spring or Summer seasons. Textured dial design uplifts the watch into the luxury class. The uniquely textured leather wrist band has a rugged aesthetic and shows that you mean business! Roman Numerals circling the watch bring to memory classic city clock towers. No worries – it won’t let out a loud bong every hour!

Frederique Constant’s Horological Smartwatch doesn’t look like your typical touchscreen smartwatch. It follows the classic analogue look, while wrapping in modern features such as syncing with your smartphone to always display an accurate time; this means the watch will also automatically adjust its time if you change time zones or during daylight savings time. This Frederique Constant timepiece also has built-in sleep monitoring that syncs with your phone. Calming rose gold tones grace the casing and face of this watch, brought together with a dark brown leather wrist band. This is a stellar watch for your next boardroom meeting!

What's the Best Luxury Dress Watch for Men?

We know that’s a lot of watches to consider, but we hope that our roundup has given you some ideas or even helped you make a decision on what you think the best luxury dress watches for men would be.

Have a luxury watch recommendation? Contact The Gentleman’s Playbook and if your watch fits our criteria, we very well may add it to this list!

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