Best Hangers for T-Shirts: Fight Shoulder Marks, Wrinkles, and Falls

Time to get up for work or an outing on the town and throw on your favorite t-shirt! It fits great, accenting your body perfectly, showing off all that hard work you’ve put in at the gym.

You reach into your closet and grab that shirt you’ve been waiting all week to wear – except, you can’t find it! Looking down, it’s on the ground. Wrinkled. Fell off the damn hanger. Again.

Utter, unfixable disappointment, first thing in the morning. It’s time to upgrade those hangers! When you want to make sure your t-shirts stay hung, organized, and wrinkle-free, it’s time to hunt for the best hangers for t-shirts you can find.

The Gentleman’s Playbook has compiled a list of tried-and-true t-shirt hangers that you can easily get online (with that oh-so-fast Prime Shipping). Reading this back, it’s a little strange saying we’ve tried lots of different hangers out over the years, but with all the moves we’ve made, we ended up breaking, losing, and replacing lots of hangers. And each time, we got a different kind than before.

We’ve tried wood and plastic, collapsible and non-collapsible, you name it! We’ll break down some of the best hangers for t-shirts we’ve found over the years and tell you why they are our favorites. Let’s upgrade that closet:

Best Hangers for No Shoulder Marks: Wooden T-Shirt Hangers

Wooden hangers are a great choice for your t-shirts. They look fantastically classy and are a step up from cheapo plastic hangers. We love getting wooden or bamboo hangers because they are some of the best hangers for no shoulder marks on your shirts.

The big factor in this is the angle of the arms on the hanger – if the angle is too obtuse, you’ll find your shirts will have shoulder marks or will have points at the apex of the shoulder.

Wooden hangers that are too acutely angled would cause your t-shirts to fall off and onto the floor, getting dirty and wrinkled. We prefer to find a hanger that matches the natural flow of your t-shirt – making sure it works with the shirt’s angles (especially in the shoulders) rather than forcing the shirt into an awkward shape.

Here are some of our top choices for wooden t-shirt hangers:

Lotus Wood Hangers

These are some great t-shirt hangers that are made of solid wood – they work great for t-shirts as well as suit jackets. On top of this, they look classy as hell. They would be a great option to elevate your closet to a more elegant look while sparing your t-shirts of shoulder marks.

You can get a pack of 20 or 30, with a few different wood color options including Vintage, Black, Brown, and Cherry. Our favorites were the Vintage and Cherry! Also included on these hangers is a crossbar, adding stabilization to the hanger and the option to hang your pants and keep your hangers uniform throughout your wardrobe.

Amber Home Wooden T-Shirt Hangers

Another option available to you are the wooden hangers sold by Amber Home – these guys look similar to the Lotus Wood Hangers above, and are a great option with some different color variance.

The colors you can choose with these hangers are: Natural, Retro, White, or Walnut. We really find the White hangers striking, and the Walnut hangers come off very mature.

Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers

Reviews rave about how great these wood t-shirt hangers are, especially for their pricepoint. They aren’t just great for t-shirts, but they’re also very good at supporting the natural shape of your suit jackets! While it may not have a crossbar, these hangers are again highly affordable and look great.

You can get them in a few colors: Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Natural, and Vintage Blue. The Mahogany is deeply rich, while the Vintage Blue hangers are distressed and would fit great with anybody who has a more BoHo style about their home.

Best T-Shirt Hangers for Closet Organization

Not only do we want the best hangers for t-shirts, but we also want to be able to efficiently organize our favorite shirts. This is particularly important for those who have smaller closets, such as the ones you often find in big-city apartments.

The best hangers for closet organization are collapsible ones. You can hang several t-shirts on this style of hanger, then collapse the hanger vertically in order to reduce the horizontal space the hangers are taking in the closet (shown below).

MORALVE Space Saving Hangers for Closet Organization

These space saving hangers for closet organization are some of the only ones we could find that have a more mature and elegant appearance. Made from beechwood, you can get these in three different color options: Mahogany, Natural, and White. Mahogany is our favorite!

There are plenty of other more affordable options for closet organization, but we love aesthetic at The Gentleman’s Playbook! Use these hangers to hang up to six t-shirts, dress shirts, suits, or pants and collapse them into a space-saving verticle alignment!

We have some in our closet in our studio apartment and they’ve done wonders getting all of our clothes into a small space after we moved to downsize our lives. These are some of the best hangers for closet organization that you can find!

Padded Hangers for T-Shirts

Padded hangers are another great contender for the best hangers for t-shirts! They are much more gentle on fabric and have some give that your t-shirts can enjoy. With a padded hanger, the weight of the shirt hanging is more evenly distributed across the hanger’s arms.

This means fewer harsh lines on your shoulders and fewer shoulder bumps on your t-shirts. We’ve looked at lots of wooden hangers specifically, so we figured we should also include some plastic ones…these aren’t just your normal plastic, though!

SONGMICS Non-Slip T-Shirt Hangers

Most padded hangers have a soft, slightly squishing padding. These hangers do NOT. Calling these hangers padded is being quite liberal with the term, but we still consider them padded, and here’s why: the arms on these hangers have non-slip rubber pieces that provide enough friction to keep even silk from falling off. That’s right – silk.

We had these hangers at our last apartment and despite being plastic, they looked extremely clean and luxurious in our closet.

The notch in the side lets you slide the hanger down into the arms of your t-shirts through the head hole without stretching the shirt’s neckline. If you’re one of those who likes to hang their clothes by jamming the hanger through the head hole, these will save you some stretched out shirt necks!

These hangers are also insanely sturdy. Just be careful twisting the metal top of the hanger, though, as doing it at the wrong angle can break the hanger.

The Best Hangers for T-Shirts that You Can Find Online!

We hope you found some hangers that sparked your interest. It can be frustrating when your shirts keep falling off your hangers onto the ground, or when they keep getting shoulder bumps from crappy hangers.

Feel free to let us know of any other hangers you think make some of the best hangers for t-shirts! Just leave a comment or shoot us a friendly message on Facebook.