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Written for men, by men.

Welcome to Your Favorite Men's Lifestyle Blog

The Gentleman’s Playbook is a men’s lifestyle blog written for men, by men.

We started back in 2017, just an idea in the head of our founder who felt there wasn’t much out there for the modern man who wanted to add a certain level of refined class to his life.

The Gentleman’s Playbook is meant to be accessible no matter what phase of life you’re in and no matter what class of income you have. Our content is created specifically to help men lead a better life with tips on men’s lifestyle, fashion, health, finance, relationships, philosophy, mental health, discipline and more.

We encourage you to share the information you find here with your male friends and colleagues. We want men to have a place to go when they need direction and guidance on what it means to be a modern man.

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What Makes Us Different?

The Gentleman’s Playbook wanted to take a different approach than you see on most men’s lifestyle blogs. Many blogs out there in the men’s lifestyle bubble, while great, tend to focus on a “man’s man” approach to men’s lifestyle – y’know, plaid shirts and vintage style branding. Dare we say…hipster?

While there’s nothing wrong to that approach, we wanted to take a new angle by bringing some more sophistication to the space. A focus on living a fulfilling life of class that’s full of enriching practices, hobbies, mindsets, and more. 

To be short, our approach to things isn’t to just “be a man.” We show you ways you can develop the sophisticated man that you have buried within, no matter what kind of person you are. There’s no specific framework you need to fit in in order to be a man.

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